Water Rescue Training


Introduction to Disaster Response (IDR) Seminars

In an effort to be hands of mercy in times of need, YWAM Philippines hosts the Introduction to Disaster Response Seminar (IDR). This seminar is designed to prepare people with minimal rescue training or experience to safely lend assistance following disasters. This training is required for those who wish to become part of the YWAM Philippines' national response team, the PHILEO Response Team.


The seminar is physical and experiential.  Participants are fully engaged for the duration of the training. That is, there are no "off" times from the beginning of the seminar until its conclusion on the final night.

A brief summary of the topics that will be introduced during the course are:

1. Rescuer safety
2. Medical first aid
3.Ropes and knots
4. water rescue
5. Relief distribution
6. Gear and packing
7. Incident Command System
8. Critical Incident Stress Debriefings

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