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2020 Reading Goals

So many Good Reads, so little time! If you're like me, you're constantly looking to equip yourself to be a better friend; a better leader; a better co-creator with God; etc. So here's a list of the books I plan on reading this year, in the hopes of becoming a better person. Please feel free to share what books are on your list, too! 1 - The Book That Made Your World. After reading Vishal Mangalwadi's Truth and Transformation during the Bible School for the Nations course, I decided to add this book of his as well. 2 - You See Bones, I See An Army by Floyd McClung. As someone who is equipping the next generation, it helps to learn from previous generations. Altogether, we form a rising tide of spiritual warriors, taking our cities for the King of kings, Jesus Christ. 3 - Mission Accomplished by Dr. Marty Meyer. After reading his book, Epic Faith, I am inspired to continue on this faith journey by reading Dr. Meyer's latest book. 4 - The SourceView Bible by New Living Translation. We used the NLT version of the Bible during my Word by Heart course and the SourceView version makes it unique in keeping track of who is speaking to whom. If you use the mobile app, there is also a SphereView option to track the different spheres of society: Family; Economics; Government; Religion; Education; Communication; and Celebration. I like to challenge family and friends to read the Bible annually. Typically, I'll read different translations from year to year in order to gain deeper understanding of God's Word. 5 - Lexical Aids for Students of New Testament Greek by Bruce M. Metzger. Not for the faint of heart, but as a student and teacher of the Bible, it's my intent to understand the original language of the New Testament as best I can, so that I can share appropriately an author's intent in writing, plus understand how the original readers would have understood what was written. (Hebrew will come later, so that I can better understand the Old Testament as well.) 6 - The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson. God sent me on this journey to bring Bible courses to Youth With A Mission Baguio Training Center, which is the ultimate dream (!), but I've enjoyed other insights from this author, so I'm curious what he has to say with regard to God's dream(s) as I continue down this path. You might recognize him as the author of The Prayer of Jabez and Secrets of the Vine, among many others. I read his book, The Seven Laws of the Learner, while I was taking the Titus Project course at YWAM Taipei in 2017. 7 - The Financial Partnership Development Workbook by Jenn Fortner. As a volunteer working with other volunteers, it's up to us to network and build supportive relationships - that work BOTH ways, mind you - so that we can continue to expand the Kingdom of God. I've already read Steve Shadrach's The God Ask and I'm in the process of reading Scott Morton's Funding Your Ministry, but it helps to build my creativity in reaching out to family and friends when various projects come up. Plus, it is hugely encouraging for my co-volunteers whenever we work on projects together. Partnership upwards and outwards! Many more will likely make their way to the list, but I truly look forward to reading these. Let me know what you're reading this year! Happy New Year, Karen