Ed and Karen Jensen

  • Karen

Leveling Up

2019 has been such a phenomenal year that we hate to see it go, yet we have so much to look forward to in 2020! How can I even begin to express just how excited we are about things to come? God has been so good to us!

How? Namely, by giving us such delightful encouragers such as yourself, but also by equipping us for a new stage of ministry. Don’t worry, we’re still in Baguio!!! Karen will staff the next Bible School for the Nations in March, after completing her BSN field assignment in January and February. Then, she will staff the Word by Heart course in September. Meanwhile, Ed plans on leading an outreach team to Greece in June/July, while continuing his hospital visitation ministry and working with visiting teams.

Not only that, but we celebrate a major anniversary in 2020! A milestone indeed!

So, are you up for our latest challenge? (We are approaching New Year‘s, after all.) Join us as we read through the Bible this year. Yes, it’s an annual challenge, but our hope is that you’ll run with it and receive all the benefits of reading and studying such an amazing compilation of writings! Such a reward is hard to resist! So join us - you don’t even have to wait for January 1 to begin! It’s on!